Q&A with Jules

What's your home?

I was born in an island in the South of Brazil, called Florianopolis. I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and adopted New York City as my second home and Manhattan as my island. I like to say I'm a New Yorker at heart.

What's your secret to making it on tv?

I'm a really bad waitress. I tried it in college and quickly realized I had to make it! As Eminem would say success was my only option. In all honesty, when you do what you love it's easier to keep going and one good thing attracts another. It's all about momentum.

What do you think about on the red carpet?

The most important is being yourself and being present in the moment with the person in front of me. When there's so much going on around us, I need to focus and tune in. You have to make the most of each moment because you might only get a few minutes or seconds! It's a metaphor for life really.

What's your favorite destination?

My favorite place I've ever been is Costa Rica. I love being by the beach, the weather and having fresh fruit all day every day. Coming from Brazil, Costa Rica to me is a mix between exotic and familiar. And it's the happiest place on earth!

What's your best and worst interview?

My best interviews to date are Neil Patrick Harris, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Keira Knightley and Steven Spielberg. The worst I'd rather not say...